Asking for a friend: Can a Catholic vote for Biden?

It comes up in phone calls and email exchanges: "Given his support for legal abortion, can a faithful Catholic vote for Joe Biden?" Both of us have fielded questions like that in recent weeks. Maybe you have, too. The short answer is "Yes." The longer answer relies on a combination of church teaching and the conscience of individual Catholics. But you might not know that to hear from some priests, politicians and prelates, not to mention other Catholic media and an occasional former college football coach.

EarthBeat Weekly: Need an encouraging boost? Check out our Interfaith Climate Tracker

One of my favorite paths to an encouraging word begins with a scroll down the EarthBeat homepage to our Interfaith Climate Tracker. The Tracker updates 24 hours a day with the latest news from 45 groups around the world that are working on climate issues from the perspective of faith. Many faiths, in fact. It's not that these groups are drawing a happy face on the sobering prospects for the planet.

EarthBeat Weekly: Discerning what the Vatican really means when it comes to divestment

News organizations wrote quite different stories Thursday about the 226-page report issued by the Vatican five years after the release of Laudato Si'. Whatever the particular significance of the Vatican's wording on Thursday, one thing is clear: Divestment is coming up more and more frequently in the strategies the Vatican is recommending for addressing the climate crisis.
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